Sanemiko Experience

Sanemiko by Sanem Sevgen, produces custom made shoes, clothing and accessories since 2008 in Turkey, as the first custom made offering brand within the country. Along with shoes, dressing gowns and accessories brand that produces, has brought a new breath and understanding to the sector and has been a pioneer of a new trend. All products are produced individually by hand craftsmanship for each order.


On shoes; hand-painted personalized patterns, writing the names of the bride and groom, heart detail on the heels used on the soles. Sanemiko by Sanem Sevgen was the first brand to offer many innovations to the brides in the sector, such as the list of "Who's next?", tiny evil eye beads and personalized heart details.


Our shoes are on display at the Virtual Shoe Museum, the world's first and only virtual shoe museum based in the Netherlands, and at the Grassi Museum in Leipzig, Germany.

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Sanem Sevgen

               Born in 1987 in Izmir, the designer comes from a family of three generations of artists.

            She graduated from Yeditepe University with a honor degree. She grew up with art and has been trained by              professionals in different art branches since her childhood. She became a student of the famous painter Ergin Inan. Sanem Sevgen founded the design brand in 2008 under the name of "Sanemiko" which bears the nickname. It has been one of the pioneers of the sector with its innovative and visionary touches reflected in its designs. The designs are exhibited in museums and published in the domestic and international print and visual media.