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When you receivedthe order givenproduct?
You will be informed by e-mail for the products you have ordered. The preparation and shipping times of the orders are specified in the "product information" section on each product page. Our cargoes are from Izmir. Our company is not responsible for delays caused by the cargo company.
In the event of a delay or cancellation caused by our company, the buyer will be informed. That's why membership is complete and accurate information is important. Delivery cannot be made on holidays and public holidays.
In addition, by logging into our site, you can view your orders and track the status of your order from the My Account section.


With which shipping company will your order be sent?
We send with Aras Kargo.


How will you know that your order has been shipped?
When your order is delivered to cargo, information about your order is sent to your e-mail address registered in our system.


Will you pay any fee when receiving your order?
You will not pay any fee during the delivery of the cargo for your credit card or money order orders.


What if no one can be found at the address at the time of delivery?
If the cargo company cannot find anyone at the given address, it leaves a "Cargo Notice Note" and the cargo returns to the branch. In this case, the cargo must be received by the buyer from the branch within 2 days. If it is not taken from the branch within 2 days, it will be returned to our company. If the product is sent again, the shipping fee will belong to our customer. In order to avoid such a situation, we recommend that you track your cargo and contact the cargo branch or us in special cases where you cannot be found at the address.


Can the recipient name or address be changed after the order is placed?
You can contact us by sending an e-mail to


What should you do if your order is wrong, missing or damaged?
First of all, if the product arrives with a damaged outer packaging due to the incorrect transportation of the cargo company, please keep a report on this matter to the cargo officer.
If there is an error caused by our company, please contact us at Our company will immediately make a solution-oriented work to compensate for the problems experienced in the production and sales lines.
In addition, in cases where more than one product order is placed, the cargo can be sent separately. In this case, no shipping difference will be reflected on our customer.


What should you pay attention to during cargo delivery?
First, check the name on the label to see if the correct cargo has been delivered to you, and make sure that your cargo is delivered without any damage. If a fee is requested other than the fee specified in the e-mail sent to you by our company, please contact us.




Since the products are put into production on order, you can cancel your order within 24 hours after creating your order. In order to cancel, you must inform us at by specifying your Order Code. Your refund fee will be reflected on your credit card within 10 business days. The period of reflection of banks to the account varies. Cancellation requests exceeding 24 hours will not be accepted.


If you have a problem with the size of our shoe models, you have the right to change the same model for free. For other reasons, unless there is a manufacturing defect, the change cannot be accepted due to the customization of your party. For stocked products, you can make your change request for the product / products you have purchased within 5 working days 
from the date you receive your order. Change requests will be evaluated and your return will be provided.

In order for you to exchange the products / products you have purchased; First of all, you have to inform us within 2 days after your order has been received, if you want to make a change. Thus, if the product you want for change is available in our stock, we can reserve it for you. For change, you can contact us by mail or phone.

In exchange transactions, both shipping costs (round trip) belong to the customer.

You must write the product code and name of the other product you have requested for change into the package / cargo.

The product must be returned with its original box / packaging and label. (The exchange of stained, torn, ripped, worn bottom, skin worn, and taped packages with cargo bags is not accepted.)

If the product or products you want to exchange are in stock, they will be shipped to you as soon as possible after the product or products you return for exchange have been approved for compliance with the exchange conditions.

If the product you have requested is not available in our stocks, you can use your right at any time for 1 year. Gift vouchers can be defined as much as the amount. In this way, you can use this gift card within the site whenever you want.


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